Sunday, June 5, 2016

Event 3

Event 3: Design Media Arts Senior Exhibition at the UCLA Broad Art Center


Friday, June 3rd: I went to visit the Staring in the Age of Distraction (S.A.D), which was a senior exhibition event with 55 artists and designers all from UCLA. The event addresses acts viewing and creating artwork within today's pretentious environment. These artists, who were just born after the internet, have created a world for people to see a part of their culture and talent. Every piece has its own story and displays how this new generation of artists has formed.

One of my favorite pieces in the gallery was Poof. This piece reminded my of the Jesus Rafael Soto's Penetrable, at LACMA, which contains hundreds of plastic yellow hoses hanging from an aluminum and painted iron structure. They both allow the viewer to see all different angles and you can enter directly inside of it. It creates a feeling for people that they are in natural elements like walking through vines or the rain. I also thought this was very creative how she used feathers hanging from a string to create the same effect of disappearing into a maze and allowing the viewers to actually participate and become a part of the artwork. 

Art of The Title- Ariana Govan
Another amazing piece was my roommates, Ariana Govan. She was also an artist in the exhibit and I was so proud of her! She created Art of The Title, which was a piece based off of desperate housewives and masters of sex. She created two posters and a video unfolding the truths about masters of sex and desperate housewives. It was very cool that my friend was in the show and how all her hard work and time she put into it paid off! As a whole, I was blown away by the amount of talent that each of these seniors have and their capability of creating all these pieces. I could never in a million years create or come up with something so inventive and rousing. I admire all their skillfulness and would recommend anyone who hasn't gone to the gallery, DO IT NOW!!! It is truly amazing to see these pieces of work from people that go to our school and how each piece was so different and inspiring!!

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